Fusion Line

In the great family of ALUMINCO’s railing systems joins the series Fusion Line.

The new series takes its name from its ability to combine with harmony and fantasy glass with aluminum in countless combinations, while at the same time to remain uncluttered, affordable luxury and very beautiful.

In this new series are the following types:

Each type has its own character, it is completely unique in the railing market, creating an entirely new look while offering the ultimate answer to the demand for contemporary and stylish railing systems.

An entirely new experience enters the world of railings.

Fusion line dramatically improves the most important aspects of the Railings experience.
It introduces advanced and robust profiles for extra strength, unique design for impressive look and the best performance ever in a railing system.


1. Minimalist Design
Thanks to the extreme simplicity and minimal nature of the fusion line series, it actually works really well as a visual element.

2. Reliable safety
Fusion line railings perform extremely well, providing utmost safety and protection.

3. Easy & Fast Installation
Fusion line railings are carefully designed to help installers benefit from quick and easy installations at all stages of their placement.

4. Three types. Endless possibilities.
Orbit, Elxis and Synthesis blend aluminum and glass together in numerous unique combinations.

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