Model 2

Standardized external dimensions

Width 93/98/103 – Height 208/212/216

Semi-standardized external dimensions

Width 88/108 – Heigth 204/208/212/216 &

Width 93/98/103 – Height 204

Technical features

Unbreakable door leaf of electro galvanized metal sheet with special hardness and double armored leaf. The internal armored leaf and the support columns constitute one single piece for bigger stability and resistance. It is available in wooden, aluminium and plastic coating (weight 60kg).

Closed type self-supporting frame, electrostatically painted in RAL 9005 black anti-scratch.

Retain profile of the wooden coating, RAL 9005 black anti-scratch.

Perimetric double rubbers, insulated, contradicted.

Heavy type adjustable hinges.

Opening device for controlled opening.

CISA lock with gear mechanism for cylinder key.

CISA ASTRAL safety cylinder with 5 keys & 1 construction key.

Panoramic door viewer 180o.

Automatic adjustable windbreak.

Latch regulator.


  • 4 Central Security Bolts of the lock.
  • 1 Latch Bolt.
  • 4 upper side Moving Bolt.
  • 4 down side Moving Bolt.
  • 1 Top Moving Bolt.
  • 1 Limiting Opening Device Bolt.
  • 7 Stable Security Bolts.


  • Triple armor with addition of a third metal leaf.
  • Thermal – sound insulation through the internal fulfillment of the door leaf with incombustible thermal & sound insulating materials.
  • Double leaf.
  • Special dimension per 5 cm in width and per 4 cm in height, with minimum width 68 cm and maximum 123 cm and heifght minimum 192 cm and maximum 250 cm.
  • Security stable.
  • Window stable.
  • Rooflights.
  • Fixed handrails.
  • Special colours
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