Model 3


  • Door leaf with enhanced single armour made of electro galvanized steel exterior and DKP 1,5mm internal reinforcement.
  • The frame is made of cold rolled metal sheet 1.5mm, electrostatic painted in anti-scratch colour RAL 9005 matte black grained. There is a special cavity  on the frame, for the perimetric placement of the rubber profile, providing the maximum possible seal. The frame is reinforced with a build-in casing, in order to facilitate installation, and to avoid swivelling. The holding bar on the bottom of the frame is already placed. The frame has also an open upper frame part, which helps the installation in different heights.
  • Holder investment profile, color matt black grained RAL9005
  • Heavy type noiseless and adjustable hinges.
  • SECURTINA with catapult safety and cylinder SECUREMME K2 for small key.
  • Limited opening devise for controlled opening.
  • Latch regulator.
  • Panoramic door viewer 180ο.
  • Automatic Door Bottom Seal.
  • Frame perimetric rubber gasket, insulating and cushioning.
  • Pair of HOPPE handles in golden, silver and bronze colour.
  • Cylinder defender in golden, silver and bronze colour.


  • 4 Central Security Bolts of the lock
  • 1 Latch Bolt
  • 4 Side Moving Bolts
  • 1 Top Moving Bolt
  • 1 Limiting Opening Device Bolt
  • 5 Stable Security Bolts
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