BerkaLine is a step ahead as far as automation solutions and remote control of your hope is concerned. In cooperation with Somfy, it offers greater comfort, security and cost saving, combining smart products with the Somfy TaHome automation system.

With just your mobile phone or your tablet, you have access to any point, roller shutters, windows, doors and all other connected smart devices of your home, anytime from anywhere. Create your own profile and enjoy the everyday life the suits your lifestyle.


One of the main advantages of TaHoma is its compatibility with more than 100 products of Somfy.

Somfy continuously upgrades its products and services to offer the best possible user experience. Therefore, you enjoy the whole product range of Somfy.


Somfy has built cooperations so that TaHoma is compatible with other companies products.

TaHoma Coach!

Via the learning program Tahoma Coach, Somfy provides you an integrated, step by step learning guide, so that you can:

  1. Get to know and use effortlessly the automation smart applications.
  2. Take maximum advantage of the automation possibilities.
  3. Easily configure your own scenarios, to enjoy every moment.


  • Easy fit. No extra work required to connect smart products and devices.
  • Smart software, with automations and remote secure access.
  • Direct access in real time, no matter where you are.
  • Smart communication, as you can receive email notifications for unforeseen events.
  • User friendly software that is adapted to the user’s needs and wishes, regulating either individual actions or scenarios and programmed action sets, just via your smartphone or tablet.
  • Compatible with many smart mechanisms and frames, doors, roller shutters and more than 100 Somfy devices.
  • Software updates available, to activate new smart devices.


TaHoma® connects in wireless mode all connected devices and smart roller shutters and frames systems of your home to the TaHoma® interface.

Number of connected devices: 100 io homecontrol,50 RTS, 20 Zwave, 20 Enocean max.
Number of connected cameras: 5 max
Number of connected sensors: 50 max
Number of connected devices activating scenarios: 20 max
Number of scheduled Scenarios: 40 max
Number of scheduled Days: 20 max
Number of “smart” programmings. 50 max
Number of devices taking part in a Scenario/Day/”Smart” schedule/programming: 40 max

TaHoma Premium
Proposed number of connected products
IO products: 25
RTS products: 25
RTD products: 1
RTDS products: 15
Ramses products: 20
EnOcean products: 10
OVP products: 15
Cameras: 5
Zwave products: 15
Scenario player products: 5
HUE Bridge (Philips): 1


  • Suitable for roller shutters, insect screens, curtains and louvers
  • Suitable for awnings
  • Suitable for pergolas
  • Suitable for lights
  • Suitable for gates
  • Somfy io – homecontrol wireless products
  • Suitable for garage door
  • Suitable for weather sensors
  • Suitable for PHILIPS HUE lighting
  • Suitable for sockets
  • Suitable for thermostats
  • Suitable for consumption monitoring